How to set up your School with DreamClass

How to set up your School with DreamClass

Now that you’ve already created all of your major school entities (Classes, Subjects, Class Subjects, Students, Teachers) you’re ready to make a few final adjustments and your school will be completely set up.

To do so, follow the steps below. Note you may start by enrolling students or by assigning teachers to Class Subjects and then create your timetables.

1. Enroll students to Class Subjects

To enroll a student to a Class Subject:

  • from a Student’s profile, click on “Register Students to Class”.
  • from the Class Subject screen (Class > Subject), click on “Register Student to Class Subject”.

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2. Assign teachers to Class Subjects

If you’re the only teacher in your academy, you may skip this step.

But, if you want to assign all of your teaching staff to the “Class Subjects” already created, you can do as follows:

Go to your “Class Subject” section (Classes > Class > Class Subject) and click on “Assign Teacher to Class Subject”. Select the teacher’s name and click “Save”.

3. Create timetable

To create a timetable, just click on the “Timetable” menu option on the side menu, on the left. In the “Timetable” section select the “List” tab and then click on the “Create Timetable” option. Give your timetable a name and save it. Once created, your Timetable is ready to be edited. Click on its name and then drag and dropClass Subjects” from the rollout on the left, on to the weekly calendar.

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