How can I manage my School's Schedule

How can I manage my School's Schedule

To create and manage your school’s Timetables click on “Timetable” at the left-hand side menu. This will lead you to your Timetables area.


Active Timetable / Multiple Timetables

You can create multiple Timetables per school period but, there will only be one timetable set as “active” at any time. The Timetable that is set as active represents your current weekly schedule. You may see the active Timetable by clicking on the “Active” tab in your Timetables area. 


This allows you to keep an archive of your past Timetables and use them based on your school’s needs. You are also able to clone an old Timetable and modify it as needed before you activate it. This saves you time, in case you need to only make a few changes on a past Timetable, as opposed to creating a new one from scratch.


Create a Timetable

Click on the “List” tab and then click on the “Create Timetable” option. This action will open a popup window that will allow you to create your Timetable. Fill in a name for this Timetable and then click “Save”. Now you’ll be able to find your new Timetable on your Timetables' List.

Edit a Timetable

Edit time slots

To edit a Timetable, just click on it in the “List” tab of your Timetable area. This action will lead you to this particular Timetable area. By clicking on the “Configuration” tab, you’ll be able to modify time slots that represent your teaching lessons, throughout a day. Click the + (plus sign) and edit the Start Time and End Time for all the different time slots you need to create.

Edit working days

In the Timetable area you’re also able to edit “Working Days”. To do so, just scroll to the day you want to disable/enable, click on it and, in the popup window Update Weekday check the Disabled field and click Save your settings accordingly.


Map Class Subjects to a Classroom

By clicking on the “Weekly” tab on your Timetable area, you are able to map Class Subjects to time slots. To do so, just use the drop-down filters on the left side of your screen Select view and Select entity. This helps you easily find the lessons (Class Subjects) you need to add. Click and drag the “Class Subject” over a preferred time slot. Repeat the same action for all of your Class Subjects and you’ll have your Timetable shaped. By clicking on a “Class Subject” already placed on a timeslot you can map it to a Classroom using the popup window that prompts opens up.


Clone/Modify a Timetable

At the top right-hand corner of your Timetable’s area you can click on the “Clone and Modify” option to create a clone of this Timetable. Once you do so, just go to your Timetables area where you’ll see your cloned Timetable named as: 

{Timetable name}-copy

Click on it and make any modifications you need.


Delete a Timetable

To delete a Timetable, first click on it in the “List” tab of your Timetable area. Now you’re able to delete it, by clicking on the Overflow menu (signified by three dots [⋮]) at the top right-hand corner of your screen (next to the “Clone and modify” option).

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