Getting started with DreamClass

Getting started with DreamClass

Welcome to DreamClass! This article will help you get an overview of the steps you need to take to set up your DreamClass account for your school.

1. What is a school period

The first time you login to your account you will find a prefixed school period, ready for you. A school period in DreamClass is a specific time in which you provide training to students. It can be a whole year - 2022-2023 - or a Term - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. 

Another way in which a school period can be used, is different campuses. If you have an office in Toronto and another one in Montreal you can have two school periods, so that it's easier for you to organize your processes per location.

2. Organize your school period with the key system entities:
3. Manage your school:

If you’ve already created your school’s core entities for the current school period, you’re ready to manage your school. 

  1. Assign students to courses
  2. Set up the class schedule
  3. Create gradebooks
  4. Track attendance

Once you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll have completed a representation of the basic school entities in DreamClass. Bear in mind that you can further edit and add details to all entities created, at a later time, if needed. These steps and actions are only a subset of the things you can do with DreamClass.

1. Manage School Tuitions

You can assign fees and create invoices for your school offerings. i.e : 1) School fees 2) class fees 3) student fees

2. Add additional admin users:

You can add new users who can view information as administrators. This is also true for teachers. More specifically, you can grant access rights to teachers, to login to their account and only view information about subjects and classes they’re responsible for. Teachers can also view and edit student data, only if students are enrolled in the courses assigned to them.


If your school has adult students, you can contact to deactivate the family component or you can change your school type from your school settings to "College"

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