How to create a course in DreamClass

How to create a course in DreamClass

Managing your schools courses can be a real struggle ! Not anymore.

With DreamClass you can have a single area to manage all of your schools courses.
  1. Step 1: Login in as an admin and click classes (1) from the left hand side menu. Give a name to your class (2) and click "create subject" (3)

  1. Step 2 : Assign a subject to your class: in DreamClass you will need to create a subject (4) and assign it to your class as this will be the main educational subject your class will be taught. Hit "save and return" (5) to your class set up and now that you have assigned the subject to your class hit "save".

You are all set! This is how your class/course cards looks like:

A quick video on how to set up a course is available here: 

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