How to create a school period

How to create a school period

You need to create a representation of your curriculum, within DreamClass. And that is accomplished by creating all the necessary school entities, such as Classes and Subjects that are the building blocks of your curriculum. Then, you can create a representation of the entities that match your human entities (teachers and students).

So, first create your classes, then your subjects and finally do the mapping between them as follows: 

1. Create Subjects

First, you create your Subjects. Subjects in DreamClass represent your disciplines, your teaching subjects or the categories of training sessions. That is, discrete types of teaching knowledge, as offered within your school or your academy. A Subject could be, for example, “Math” if you run K12 school or “Music Theory” if you run a music academy.

To create your Subjects, just click in the “Subjects” option at the left side menu and, in the “Subject” area, where you’ll be transferred, click “Create Subject” and fill in the necessary fields. You can also add more details or edit your Subjects, at a later time.

You can gradually add new Subjects, if needed, as your school’s needs may change over time.

Now that you have Subjects created, you can move on to create your Classes.

2. Create Classes

Classes help you define groups of students, either by educational level or by distribution of students of the same educational level, into multiple teaching groups.

For example, you may have students enrolled in “Class A” and students that have completed and graduated can then be enrolled in “Class B” (higher educational level).

Or you can have “Class A1”, “Class A2” and so on, in order to distribute a large number of students into them, based on your needs. Of course, you can name them as you see fit.

Having your classes already created, allows you to enroll students in these classes, based on your curriculum. Student enrollment is possible to take place either at a class level or at a “Class Subject” level, which is explained in the next step. 

3. Class Subject mapping

Once you have all of your curriculum entities created, that is, your Subjects — and the group structure that fits your school’s needs, that is, your Classes — you’ll be ready to map disciplines (teaching objects) to student groups. The entity created from this mapping is a “Class Subject” and it represents a teaching objective for a specific group of students enrolled in it. For example, you can have “Class A Math”, “Class B Math” and so on that are different groups of students who will attend different levels of teaching sessions.

Or, you may have “Class A1 Math”, “Class A2 Math” and so on that helps you distribute students to these recurring teaching sessions.

In both cases, you will use these entities to enroll students as explained and to assign teachers and classrooms, as well. Just as you’d probably physically do in your school or academy.

To create “Class Subject” entities, go to the “Class” section (Classes > Class) and click on “Add Subjects to Class”.

Now, you’re ready to enroll students and/or assign teachers to the “Class Subject” entities. You may choose to start, whichever way you prefer.

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4. Create Students

You can add students to your new School period by creating new student entities or by adding existing students from a previous School Period. Once you’ve created a “Student” you can register that Student to the “Class Subject” you’ve previously created.

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5. Create Teachers

If you are the only teacher in your school/academy, you can skip to the next step to set up your school.

To add teachers to your new School period, you can create new Teacher entities, the same way you did with your students or you can add existing Teachers from a previous School Period.

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