What is a Course?

What is a Course?

In DreamClass, a course refers to a specific topic that is taught to students in a school. Courses can range from standard academic courses such as Algebra 1, Biology, World History, Geography, to specialized courses like Medical Training, Nurse Assistant, and many more.

Each course in DreamClass has several fields that describe it, including:
  1. Name: The name of the course, such as "English Language and Literature."
  2. Code: A unique identifier for the course, such as "ENGL101."
  3. Description: A brief overview of what the course covers.
  4. Teaching Hours: The number of hours per week that the course is taught.
  5. Units/Credits: The number of units or credits that the course is worth.
  6. Color: A color code that visually identifies the course.
  7. Levels: The recommended student grade levels for the course, such as "Grade 11, Grade 12."
  8. Subject: The subject area to which the course belongs, such as Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, or any other relevant category.
  9. Type: The type of course, indicating whether it is Regular or Honors.  Honors courses are advanced-level academic courses offered in many high schools and educational institutions. These courses are designed to provide students with a more challenging and in-depth learning experience compared to regular courses. Honors courses are assigned a higher grade weight, meaning that a grade earned in an honors course carries more value in the calculation of a student's GPA (Grade Point Average). This can incentivize students to take honors courses and challenge themselves academically. In DreamClass, the Honors grade points are defined within the Grade Mapping.
In DreamClass, courses are offered through classes. Each class is associated with one or more courses and represents a group of students who are enrolled in those courses.

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