Creating a school period

Creating a school period

How does it work?

A school period will host the entire structure of subjects and classes for its specified time frame. Students and teachers can be added (existing or new) and assigned to specific subjects and classes.

How is it related with other entities?

A school period encompasses the following entities:

  A school period is connected with the following entities:

How do I create one?

To create a school period, select School Periods from the top left hand side menu on the screen. This way you will be transferred to the School Periods area. It's where all school periods you've created throughout your educational activities. Starting a new term or semester, you can create a new by clicking the Create School Period entity. 

In the popup window fill in the name of the period (something that represents its content), a start and an end date and save it in your list of school periods. Now you will be able to set up an entire structure around it.

Properties explained

Name: Something representative of what the school period contains

Start date: The date your educational activities for this period will be starting

End date: The date your educational activities for this period will be ending

Duration: The number of months your school period will last

Short name: The short name of the school period that can be used like and ID. It's only available when editing the school period.

How to edit one

After you've created a new school period, you can see a preview card in your list. If you click on the name of one of your school periods you'll be transferred to the dashboard view of this period. The first top left frame is a synopsis of this school period. To edit the school period just click the modify option and you'll see the popup window with the properties above. 

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