Subjects in DreamClass

Subjects in DreamClass

What is a subject?

Each subject represents a specific field of knowledge and is an essential part of the school curriculum. Subjects can be assigned to courses
Subjects provide a structured way to organize the educational content and ensure that students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education that covers a variety of disciplines. As students advance through the grade levels, the complexity and depth of the subjects they study typically increase to match their developmental and cognitive abilities.

Typical Subjects:  

  1. English Language Arts (ELA): This includes reading, writing, literature, and communication skills.
  2. Mathematics: Students study various branches of mathematics, such as algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus as they progress through the grade levels.
  3. Science: Science education covers topics like biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and environmental science.
  4. Social Studies: This subject includes history, geography, civics, economics, and other related topics.
  5. Physical Education (PE): This subject focuses on physical fitness, health, and often includes participation in sports and physical activities.
  6. Foreign Languages: Many schools require or offer the option to study a foreign language, such as Spanish, French, German, or Chinese.
  7. Fine Arts: This category includes visual arts, music, drama, and other forms of artistic expression.
  8. Computer Science: Some schools introduce computer science concepts, coding, and technology education as part of the curriculum.
  9. Health Education: Topics related to personal health, nutrition, and well-being are often covered in health education classes.
  10. Career and Technical Education (CTE): Some schools provide vocational or technical courses that prepare students for specific careers or trades

Assigning Subjects to Courses: As an administrator in DreamClass, you can easily assign subjects to courses during the course creation process. This ensures that the curriculum is well-structured and organized, providing students with a comprehensive and meaningful learning experience.

How to create a subject 

Go to Curriculum and Click Subjects
Create Subject
You will be provided some of the most common subjects which at this points you can edit or remove. You can also associate your existing courses with your subjects or create new courses and instantly associate them with your subjects. 


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