Managing Guardians with DreamClass

Managing Guardians with DreamClass

With DreamClass, you can create Guardian profiles and link them with Student profiles. A Guardian may be linked with multiple Students (case of siblings etc.) and a student profile may be linked with multiple Guardians (mother, father etc.). Students and Guardians are grouped in Families.

You’ve got the following options: 

  • You may create a parent profile the moment you create a new student profile; that is when you register a student in your system.

  • Or, alternatively, you may revisit a student profile 

    • assign an existing guardian 

    • or a guardian you’ll create at that moment, as described below. 

How to link a Student Profile with Guardian 

1. Go to your Students area.

     Click on Students at the left-hand menu

2. Find the Student profile you want to link with a Guardian

     Click on the Student name, to visit their profile card

3. Go to the Guardians section 

Click on plus sign, next to the Guardians + 

On the popup window, follow one of the steps below:

A.Add an existing Guardian profile

1.Find and click on the Guardian name on the dropdown list

2.Specify the Relation your student has with the guardian (mother, father, etc.)

3.Click on Save

B.Create a new Guardian profile

1.Click on Create Guardian

2.Fill in the Guardian’s details on the new popup window and click on Save and Return 

3.Specify the Relation your student has with the guardian (mother, father, etc.)

4.Click on Save

How to grant access to a guardian to login to their Guardian portal

Navigate to the Guardian profile you have already created, through: Students > *Student name* > Guardians > *Guardian name*.

On your Guardian’s profile card, follow the steps below.

1.Go to your Guardian access rights section My Access Details and fill in the following fields:

  • Username 

  • Password 

  • Confirm Password

2.Click on Enable DreamClass Access to save your changes

You have successfully set up the guardians’ credentials and they will receive an automated email with instructions on how to access the parent portal.

How to edit a Guardian profile

Navigate to your Guardian’s Profile Students > *Student name* > Guardians > *Guardian name*, and perform the following actions:

Modify basic information

You may edit the following parameters by clicking on the pencil icon, next to each section.

  • Personal information

  • Contact Information

  • Custom fields

  • Add profile photo 

Click on Save once you’re done, to save your changes.

Link a Guardian profile with other Students 

To link a Guardian profile to other students, click on the plus sign next Students +

On the popup window follow the steps below:  

1. Find and select the Student in the Students dropdown list

2. Specify the Relation between the student you selected and the Guardian.

3. Click on Save.

Edit a guardian’s access details

To edit Guardian’s access details go to the My Access Details area and modify the following fields:

  • Username 

  • New Password 

  • Confirm Password

When you’re done, click on Update DreamClass Access.

Now, you’re ready to share these credentials with said Parent or Guardian. 

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