Managing Admission

Managing Admission

Managing Admission 

With DreamClass you can create admission application forms for your school. Your forms can be shared via your website and all of the submissions you receive to enroll new students, can be managed in your DreamClass account. Let’s see how:

Create a new admission application form

  1. Go to your Admissions section

Navigate to Period Setup > Admissions > List 

  1. Create a new admission application 

Click on New Application Form and choose the type of form you want to create 

You may choose between Public Form and Private Form.  

  1. Fill in your application form’s basic details

  1. Fill in the Name of the form

  2. Choose the group you want to target Students or Guardians.

  3. Specify the date range the application form/admission comes into force

  4. Notification Receiver Email: fill in an email to receive notifications once an application is submitted 

  1. Save your application form

When you’re done click on Save.

You have successfully created your admission form.


Edit your admission application form

  1. Go to your admission application forms section 

Navigate to your Admissions Applications List clicking on the following steps:  Period Setup > Admissions > List 

  1. Click on the application form you want to edit

  1. Customize your admission application form

Make sure you’re on the Overview tab and edit you Admission Form in the following ways:

  1. Edit your application form’s basic details 

Click on Edit at the top right corner of your window

Edit your application details (Name, date range and Notification email) in the popup window and click Save.

  1. Edit the Introduction section of your Application form 

Click on Edit next to the Introduction

Then on the popup window fill in the introductory details:

  • Introduction Text: you may add a welcome message for your applicants or instruction details. 

  • Add a Privacy Policy Link (optional)

  • Add an Accept Terms Link (optional)

When you’re done just click on Save.

  1. Edit the Student Information section

Click on Edit next to Student Information and edit the naming of the section and/or the naming of the columns and click on Save when you’re done.

Drag-n-drop fields to change their order or move them to the adjacent column. 

Additionally, you may click on each field name and perform the following actions on the popup window: 

  • Move it to the adjacent column

  • Move it to a preferred row 

  • De/activate it (un/ticking box)

  1. Edit the Student Course Selection section 

Click on Edit next to the Student Course Selection to change the name of the section.

Click on Enable All/ Disable All to activate or deactivate all courses listed in
each list (assigned/not assigned in the current period) and confirm your decision.

Click on a Course and then click on Add info to add information visible to your applicants as they’ll hover the mouse over a course


  1. Add additional Sections

Click on Add Section and then on Student Custom Fields to add additional data input sections.

On the popup fill in the Name (required) of that section and optionally headers for left and right columns and click on Save.

Add heading names by clicking on Rename. 

Click on Add Field and then on the popup window fill in a name for the field Label, select the Type of the data field (text, long text, number etc.), the Column (Right, Left) to place it and the row Position. You may disable that field if later on is not needed by unticking the respective box. Once you’re done just click on Save.

You may repeat the above process to add as many data fields as you may need to include in that section. And you may also add as many sections as you may need.

  1. Edit Submission step 

Click on Edit next to Submission

On the popup window fill in Success Message for your applicants and a Learn more information link and click on Save

  1. Preview your Admission Application form 

Click on Preview at the top-right hand corner of your screen.

You’ll be directed to a new tab in your browser. There you may follow the steps your applicants will follow to make sure everything is in place.

You may make any additional changes needed and further improve your application forms  by re-following the steps above. All changes you make are visible in your preview mode. 

Once you’re done you’re then ready to share your public admission application form with your audience.

Share your admission application form

To share an admission application form you have created, copy the URL of the form from the preview tab in your browser and send it to your applicants or publish it on your website. To do so follow these steps below: 

  1. Navigate to Period Setup > Admissions > List 

  2. Click on the Admission Application you have previously created and want to share 

  3. Click on Preview at the top-right hand of your screen 

  4. Copy the URL on the preview tab you’ve been directed  

Inspect submitted applications

When students submit their applications, you’ll receive pertinent notifications in your email account provided that you have already filled in your email address as described in the steps of creating a new admission application form. 

In order to thoroughly inspect submitted applications follow the steps below:

1.Go to your Admissions section 

Navigate to Period Setup > Admissions  

2.Find the Admission you want to inspect

Click on the Admission name its submitted applications you want to inspect 

3.Go to the Submissions area 

Click on the Submissions tab to see the list of all the applications you have received so far. 

4.Inspect submitted applications

Click on ID, Date, Students or Status to sort rows in ascending or descending order and find exactly what you need. 

Review a submitted application

1.Go to your admissions list

Navigate to Period Setup > Admissions > List and click on the admission you want to work on.

2. Go to your Submissions area

Click on the Submissions tab 

3. Find the application you want to review

Click on the admission you want to process

Now you able work on the submitted application in the following ways: 

a.Inspect submitted data 


b.Contact student get to validate information 

Click on Send Email

c.Add/Enroll the new student in the school period 

Click on Create Student 

d.Change submitted application status 

Click on colored label next to Status and select on of the following 

  • New

  • Processing

  • Completed

  • Closed

  • Waiting Response

  • Rejected  

e.Inspect Application’s history 

At the right-hand side of your screen you’ll find all the details ~

f.Delete the application (if needed) 

Click on the three dots at the top-right hand of your screen and then click on Delete. 

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