How to work with Sub Grades (Common Core Standards)

How to work with Sub Grades (Common Core Standards)

Common Core Standards define learning objectives across subjects like English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. They ensure uniformity in educational goals nationwide and provide a vital framework for educational consistency and quality.

This article mentions how you can implement common core standards into your DreamClass account following the below simple steps:

Go to Grading > Select Grading Configuration and go to Sub Grade Sets where you can add or edit your sets.

Let's see how we can create a Sub Grade Set:

Click the + icon and to create your set. Add a name and then click to Create Subgrade or go to Import to import your existing list of Sub Grades. 

To import your standards you should firstly download the template file first in which you need to copy your subgrades or standards. When you prepare you file simply import it.  See an example of a file structure in the below screenshot: 

After the uploading is completed go to configure where you will be able to see everything you have uploaded appearing in your screen. 

Now that your Sub Grades are uploaded, simply go to the course list to add them in the respective courses: 

After you choose the Sub Grade set you can filter per Level or Subject and quickly select the Sub Grades you wish to add to the course. When you're ready click Save. 

The Sub Grads will now look like this into the course scheme. 

Now select the course and under Grading & Evaluation > Term & Final Grades you will see all your Sub Grades appearing. 

At this point, simply add the grades for your students and those will automatically appear in the Student's report card: 

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