How to use tags in DreamClass

How to use tags in DreamClass

In DreamClass you can use tags to group entities that share the same characteristics and organize information much more efficiently. Tags are very powerful as they are highly customizable, can be used for any classification and work in combination with other parameters at your school.

You can create multiple groups of tags for the following list of entities:
  1. Class
  2. Student
  3. Teacher
  4. File
For example, you may create Teacher tags that group Teachers based on their contract agreement (Part time vs Full time) and manage their payments faster.

Create your school’s tags

Step 1: Go to your School’s settings
Login to your DreamClass portal as an admin and click the arrow next to your school’s logo (1)

Step 2: Navigate to the “School Tags” tab (2)
  1. Click on “Add Tag Group” to create your tag group. (3)
  2. Click on “Add Tag” to create the tag. (4)

Use tags to filter your school entities

In the following screenshot you can see how many classes are delivered per tag group. By clicking the inverted triangle symbol on the top left of your class list menu, you'll see the full list of tags you have created for your classes. Then, upon clicking on one or more of the available tags you get to filter the Classes listed.

Suggestions on how to use tags
Below we give you some ideas on how to use tags for your school.
  1. Class Tags examples:
    1. Class Delivery time: Morning VS Evening:
    2. PK-12 Grades: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8
    3. Levels: Junior, Intermediate, Advanced
    4. Location: Rooms, facilities
    5. Semesters
  2. Student Tags examples:
    1. Allergies
    2. Transportation information
  3. Teacher Tags examples
    1. Part time VS full time
  4. File Tags examples
    1. ID card
    2. High-School Diploma

How to organize your school with Tags [VIDEO]

If you want to see how to create and use Tags in practice take a look at this video.

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