How to track attendance in DreamClass

How to track attendance in DreamClass

Login as an admin in your DreamClass account and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a new event on the Class Schedule

  1. Navigate to Class> Subject and click on the Schedule tab
  1. Add a lesson/event  on the schedule. It can be Single Lesson or Recurring 

Step 2: Find the Lesson you want to track the attendance for

  1. Switch to the next tab "Lessons" and click the day for which you want to track the attendance of

Step 3: Mark lesson as completed and take attendance

  1. Change the status of this lesson from Scheduled to Completed  
  1. To track attendance in bulk click on "Mark Unspecified as" and select one of the options Present, Late, Unexcused Absence, Excused Absence etc.
  1. Note: You can also change the status one by one if you need to by clicking on the Status next to each Student’s name .

How to track attendance[VIDEO]

Here’s a short video(00:47) that illustrates how you can track attendance as an admin in 3 simple steps.


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