Manage students’ payments and fees with DreamClass?

How to manage students’ payments and fees with DreamClass?

How to manage students’ fees with DreamClass?

With DreamClass you can manage your school’s tuition fees with a few simple steps. In brief you able to proceed with the following actions:
  1. Create fees for each one of your classes and assign them to the students you enroll [learn more here]
  2. Assign class fees to all students or assign different fees to different students.
  3. Apply discounts on specific students if needed.
  4. If you have generic fees that are not necessarily tied to a class, DreamClass gives you the option to assign any other type fees outside of a class like i.e. admin costs
  5. Issues invoices to students or families reflecting the fees to be paid by the end of a month.
  6. Take further action regarding the invoices you have created:
    1. Add comments
    2. Notify recipients
    3. Print invoices*
*Note that you’ve got all of your invoices stored in your DreamClass account for as long as you need them and that you may as well send them to the recipients via DreamClass.
Receive payments online payments from within DreamClass via Braintree and Stripe
Mark invoices as paid once you receive the respective payments.

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