How to add a Guardian in DreamClass

How to add a Guardian in DreamClass

In DreamClass you may create Guardian entities joined together with student entities. This way you are able to represent the family (or other) relationships of your students and have all the information you need gathered in one place. Additionally, you may give Guardians access to sign in to their portal and proceed with tuition payments.   

Create a New Guardian entity

Login as an admin user to your DreamClass admin account and follow the simple instructions below:

Step 1

Go to the dark left hand side of your screen and click “Students” [Figure 1].

Step 2

Select the student that you wish to assign a Guardian to [Figure 1].

Step 3

Go to the “Guardians” section and click on the “+” sign next to it [Figure 1].  

Figure 1

Step 4

On the popup window click on the “Create Guardian +” to create one from scratch [Figure 2].

Figure 2

If you have already created another guardian entry that relates to this student, then click on the dropdown option to find it listed and select it. This feature is useful when you have enrolled students that belong to the same family group.

Select the relation type(Father, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Stepfather, Stepmother, Uncle, Aunt or Other) between the guardian and the student and click “Save”.

Give Guardian access to their portal

Now that you have created your new Guardian profile, you can invite them into your portal. To do so, click on All Guardians at the dark left hand side of your screen and then click on the Guardian’s Name. There, at the Guardian’s profile, at the bottom of your screen, on the “My Access Details” section, fill in their credentials (username, password).[Figure 3]

The guardian is now able to login to their portal using the provided credentials.

How to invite a Guardian [video]

If you want a quick walkthrough on how to create and invite a new Guardian into your School Management System, have a look at this video.

And, that’s it! You’re good to go!

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